Do you ever just listen to your favorite song so many times 

that you unconsciously memorize each and every little note 

like every breath the singer takes 

and every little bend on the guitar?

And do you ever have a favorite part,

not like a favorite quote or line of the lyrics but 

literally a favorite millisecond

because you know the song so well 

that you can deconstruct it to such a minuscule moment?

And theres something about that millisecond, 

maybe you can hear the sliding of the guitarists fingers 

against the steel stings 

Or maybe theres a small crack in the singer’s voice 

Or maybe the way the wind instrument wavers…

But you wait and wait

Every time you listen to your song

And it gives you goosebumps

Even just the anticipation

And you might even have to turn it up really loud

Just to hear that millisecond

But when you do

Its just


old orchard beach!

old orchard beach!

(Source: yours-trul3y)